November best practices webinar: tune in for tips and tricks for plant cost savings

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, Scott Rojas, Fluke Accelix account executive, discussed the benefits of using computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to improve plant operations and reduce costs. We asked Scott a few questions about his webinar, including who should attend and why. Be sure to view the recorded event, Plant Cost Reductions with CMMS.

Q: Who view this recorded webinar and why?

While this presentation will discuss a CMMS’ role in deploying strategies to reduce plant costs, the financial benefit is best achieved when a shift in thinking about asset performance is realized and adopted by leadership at all levels. This webinar will be interesting for all stakeholders who seek clarity between what they need to do and why they want to do to achieve reliability.

November Best Practice webinar presenter Scott Rojas

Q: What are some reasons to develop asset taxonomies and determine asset criticality?

Asset taxonomies and asset criticality influence the plans for an organization’s equipment portfolio. Overall, asset taxonomies combined with asset criticality should keenly address the sources of risk in a functional system to determine the appropriateness of maintenance strategies and provide failure analysis reporting in a risk-based improvement program. Having been defined, asset taxonomies and asset criticality can help teams identify strategies to control risk, and they also provide metrics to managers for action when a predetermined threshold has been breached. This drives appropriate actions to mitigate or eliminate root causes and defects at their source or to decide to do nothing and run-to failure.

The goal of the metrics derived from data collection sources—such as a CMMS with properly configured taxonomies, tables, and work orders for technical staff to report on—is to clearly identify the cause, effect, and consequence patterns in a functional system so that managers and their personnel can identify and logically solve critical challenges with viable and cost sensible solutions to improve reliable operation and decrease the likelihood for negative impacts upon personnel safety.

Q: Can you tell us three benefits of using a CMMS to help reduce costs?

  1. Direct (control)—As a technological tool a CMMS offers the control needed, because we can measure impacts and analyze trends from a single source of truth and therefore improve performance and overall results.
  2. Ancillary and broad nature—Improves the financial economy and creates exponential opportunities within the organization’s operating context and environment.
  3. Executive sponsorship—As a prerequisite to cost reductions, using a CMMS reinforces the desired culture. When an executive-sponsored asset management approach is taken, a CMMS can help strengthen good habits for stakeholders by:
    • Ensuring consistency and fairness with measurable benchmarking
    • Promoting leadership, trust, confidence, and pride throughout the organization
    • Improving compliance when following purpose-oriented procedures
    • Allowing personnel to participate in organizational continuous improvements that directly impact them
      • The right culture ensures and promotes that everyone swims in the same direction and gives the team a sense of community

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Remember to register, even if you cannot attend the live event on November 15, 2017. Registration allows you to receive the recording and slides following the presentation.

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