5 Cross-location success stories

A key benefit of eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System software is how it organizes assets by building, campus, and global locations.

Cross-location asset management refers to assets set up in multiple places—near or far.

One of the benefits of using eMaint computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is cross-location asset management. Within eMaint, users can gain visibility to assets across the campus, city, country, or even the globe. Enabling cross-location visibility means maintenance and reliability teams get a better understanding of asset issues without having to be on site.

In organizations where cross-location is an issue, mobile-enabled solutions such as eMaint CMMS help workers to stay productive while on the go or across sites.

5 examples of eMaint successfully managing cross-location assets

The City of Richland (WA) utilizes eMaint CMMS to support a 5-year strategic plan

More than 57,000 residents rely on the city of Richland, Washington, to keep its public facilities up and running. When the City Council created a 5-year strategic plan, it decided to implement eMaint CMMS to support maintenance and repair decisions and to maximize its financial resources. Now, city leaders have access to accurate data about time spent on assets, tasks, and sites, maintenance reporting and planning functions, and automated work orders. With numerous city-owned buildings and facilities to maintain, cross-location visibility is crucial. Municipal clients, such as Richland can also benefit from being able to track citizen inquiries and complaint response times. Read more about Richland’s success at eMaint.com.

Texas School District notes smooth implementation of eMaint CMMS

The Grand Prairie Independent School District (GPISD) near Dallas, Texas, serves more than 29,000 students at 38 different campuses and is expecting even more growth in the future. With operations managed across 58 square miles, the maintenance and reliability team at GPISD was spread thin. Using eMaint CMMS software, team members were able to increase adoption via single sign-on, automate work orders, and improve inventory control, regardless of their location. Team preparation was crucial for a smooth and easy transition to eMaint. How to follow in the footsteps of GPISD.

Afonwen Laundry uses eMaint CMMS across England and Wales

Afonwen Laundry stays busy. It serves nearly 300 hotels requiring daily linen and laundry service for more than 70,000 rooms. To ensure that its 130+ assets kept up with the demand, Afonwen implemented eMaint CMMS on a trial basis at one location. With data from eMaint, it was easy to spot when asset downtime—and the resulting lost productivity—warranted machine replacement. After the success at its Cardiff location, Afonwen rolled out eMaint CMMS to other sites. Check out the eMaint blog to read how Afonwen improved its reliability.

University leverages eMaint to manage a nearly 3 million square-foot campus

With around 20,000 assets in more than two dozen buildings, one university turned to eMaint CMMS to ensure its maintenance stayed on track. eMaint helped this university’s maintenance team organize many types of assets and automate work order requests and preventive maintenance. With eMaint, not only could maintenance professionals stay on top of work orders, but they could access and update them from anywhere. Allow us to show you how it’s done.

Whispering Wood Resort deploys eMaint to manage requests for 74 vacation units

Nestled in the forests beneath Mt. Hood, the Whispering Woods Resort welcomes vacationers in every season. They offer 74 vacation units across 10 acres in Welches, Oregon, and need to handle requests from both visitors and staff. Implementing eMaint CMMS helped the maintenance team at Whispering Wood see a 20% improvement in productivity and response times. Take a trip through the Whispering Woods Resort with eMaint!

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